School partnership Anne-Frank-Realschule

A school partnership between the Anne Frank Realschule and the Kunsthalle Mainz has existed since summer 2019. Schoolchildren come to the art gallery every week, get to the bottom of the current exhibition and become artistically active themselves.

School partnership Gutenberg-Gymnasium Mainz

From the 2017/18 school year onwards, art classes from the Gutenberg-Gymnasium will be regular visitors at Kunsthalle Mainz. The Gutenberg-Gymnasium is a grammar school with a special emphasis on cultural education. Accompanied by members of the Kunsthalle educational team, the workshops will focus on exploring the exhibitions currently on show. Short presentations will take an interdisciplinary approach to aesthetic ideas, while also respecting the students’ own social surroundings.

School partnership Kanonikus-Kir-Realschule Plus Mainz Gonsenheim

The school cooperation between Kanonikus-Kir-Realschule Plus and the Kunsthalle Mainz started in summer 2018. Schoolchildren come to the Kunsthalle regularly, get to the bottom of the current exhibition and become artistically active themselves.
The Kanonikus-Kir-Realschule Plus is one of six reference schools in Rhineland-Palatinate, which are allowed to participate in the program "Generation K - Culture meets School", which the Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture and the Ministry of Education cooperated in February 2017 the Mercator Foundation was agreed.

Partnerships with Kinderhaus Blauer Elefant dun MädchenTreff Mainz

There is a cooperation for different formats of the art school for children and young people with  Kinderhaus Blauer Elefenat and MädchenTreff Mainz, both located also in the Mainzer Neustadt.

The projects are supported by the Programm Kultur macht Stark program of the Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung (BKJ) e. V.

Art up close

Under the title Kunst ganz nahart up close – the Feldbergschule elementary school in Mainz, the school socialwork office, the children´s refuge Blauer Elefant and Kunsthalle Mainz entered into a local. The project aims to turn Kunsthalle Mainz into somewhere a stone’s throw away from the Feldbergschule and the children´s refuge Blauer Elefant that offers the school’s pupils an open and inviting experiential setting.

Support by Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung (BKJ) e. V.