We start the exhibition program for 2024 with two parallel exhibitions by melanie bonajo (they/them) and Philipp Gufler.

melanie bonajo – School of Lovers
08/03/24 – 16/06/24

In Schule der Liebenden, melanie bonajo and the inclusive theatre HORA explored the crystal of intimacy in all its facets. Their journey resulted in an immersive installation that revolves around a video work made by melanie bonajo and sets the scene for workshops and a theatre play. The performers of the HORA ensemble have become experts on their own desire and, as fantastic teaching avatars, are able to impart knowledge and sensual experiences on the subject of love, intimacy and sexuality. A humorous, sensitive, empowering, genre- and gender bending experience that speaks to people with and without disabilities.

Philipp Gufler – Dis/Identification
08/03/24 – 16/06/24

Philipp Gufler's artistic work centres on the images and the history/histories of queer life - today and in the past. Historical personalities, developments and turning points from different periods of time enter into a dialogue and tell an intersectional queer history, most of which has not yet been written down. The references come from historical archives, newspapers, radio and television, from the literature and the aesthetic practices of LGBTQI+ movements, from queer theory and pop culture. Based on the new video installation "The Beginning of Identification, and its End", the exhibition at Kunsthalle Mainz gives an overview of Gufler's work from recent years.


Ari Benjamin Meyers – Always Rehearsing
04/07/24 – 20/10/24

In summer, the artist, composer, conductor and musician Ari Benjamin Meyers will be a guest at the Kunsthalle Mainz. Ari Benjamin Meyers' artistic excellence lies in his radical way of thinking music and art together. His work stems from his long-standing interest in thinking about composing, rehearsing, and making music beyond the concert stage and in exploring these practices in other spaces, such as exhibition spaces, political institutions and especially public spaces. Meyers uses the phrase "rehearsing the future" to describe the creative power and the potential of community building through composition, rehearsal and music-making. Always Reahearsing includes newly created, rearranged as well as existing works which can be seen and heard in the exhibitions spaces of the Kunsthalle Mainz. With The Notional Anthem, No. 1: Der Zollhafen Chor, a completely new series of works by the artist, the Kunsthalle leaves its building. It echoes into the city as Ari Benjamin Meyers forms a choir with visitors, staff, and the Kunsthalle's direct neighbours - the various residents and users of the Zollhafen area. Together they create a new work.