Wir leben auf einem Stern

Dilan Alt
Nomka Enkhee
Florian Glaubitz
Kara Hondong
Naehoon Huh
Julia Carolin Kothe
Theresa Lawrenz
Eunu Lee
Swan Lee
Jule Martin
Philipp Neßler
Như Ý Linda Nguyễn
/POKY (Julia Gerke / Alina Röbke)
Elisabeth Schröder
Danijel Sijakovic
Rahel Sorg
Helena Walter
Marcin Wierzchowski
Natalie Wilke
Eleni Wittbrodt

Almost 16 months lie between the digital opening in May 2020 and the opening with the participating artists, friends and families in Kunsthalle Mainz in September 2021. Now we are all the pleased that in the exhibition Wir leben auf einem Stern wit a total of 20 artistic positions, current and former students of the Mainz Art School, the intensive exchange between the Mainz Art School and the Mainz Art Hall finds a polyphonic expression.

The first works can already be found outside of Kunsthalle Mainz. The past months, which were mainly characterized by keeping a distance, run through the exhibition like a loose thought. Distance that finally dissolves in new collaborations, in the negotiation of the same topics or a similar aesthetic language of form. The invited artists use multimedia to deal with our present, with changes, decay and reconstruction. Which parameters are constitutive for a space in which we can not only move but also encounter?

Wir leben auf einem Stern is an invitation to enter the cosmos of the art academy and, in the end, perhaps to find out that art not only takes up current discourses and negotiates, but art also offers a space for utopias. These were once created by the Norwegian artist Hannah Ryggen, whose work the title of the exhibition was borrowed from. Because their up-to-date presentations were always accompanied by an outlook.

All visitors are cordially invited to name their personal favorites in the exhibition by September 16. Thanks to the Wolfgang Blanke-Foundation can award two jury awards and one audience award on September 16 at 7 p.m.

/POKY (Julia Gerke & Alina Röbke) and Julia Carolin Kothe received the jury awards, while Jule Martin received the audience award. The work on the outer facade of the Kunsthalle by Danijel Sijakovic in cooperation with Roman Paul Widera was awarded the Zollhafenpreis.

The exhibition is supported by Kunsthochschule Mainz, the Friends of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the AStA of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

A catalog will be produced on the occasion of the exhibition.

Curated by Lina Louisa Krämer.