Science Fictions at the Holocene Museum

Lecture by Daniel Falb (in German)

Wed 26/04
7 pm

4 euros


CRISPR & jetzt eine neue Welt?

Workshop with Baggenstos/Rudolf & Urs Gaudenz (GaudiLab & Hackteria)

Sat 29/04
11 am - 5 pm

10 euros

Registration is required.

Public reading and concluding event of International Summit of Arts and Culture

As part of a project initiated by German teacher Susanne Böswald, pupils regularly write texts in response to works of contemporary art on display at Kunsthalle Mainz. Each project concludes with a public reading at Kunsthalle Mainz.

Fri 05/05
6 pm

Free admission

Museum Night Mainz

Sat 10/06
11 am - 1 am