Exhibition Opening

To See or Not to Be

Vajiko Chachkhiani
Tim Etchells
Petrit Halilaj
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Sofia Hultén
Yutaka Matsuzawa
Agnieszka Polska
Walid Raad
Pamela Rosenkranz
Kateřina Šedá
Juergen Staack

Thu 31/08
7 pm

Leidenschaft und Ostinato

An evening of baroque music with DJ Michael Glasmeier

Sat 02/09
8 pm

4 hours

Free admission


In cooperation with 3 x klingeln

Public guided tour

Public guided tours (in German) take place on Sundays at 3 pm and on Wed 06/09 at 7 pm and Wed 04/10 at 6 pm.

4 euros

Registration is not required.

Celebrating Mainz - Zagreb

Open Air Film Screening

Marko Tadić: Pokretni elementi / Moving Elements, 2016, 6:30 min
Ana Hušman: Razglednice / Postcards, 2013, 23 min
Edi Mužina, Branko Ištvančić: Recikliranje / Recycling (Zagreb Stories), 2009, 14 min
Igor Mirković: Inkasator / Bill collector (Zagreb Stories), 2009, 14:30 min
Sara Hribar: Od danas do sutra / From one day to another (Zagreb Stories vol. 2), 2012, 20 min

In Croatian with English subtitles

Wed 06/09
8 pm (Film starts at 9 pm)

Free admission


In cooperation with Mainzer Filmsommer and 7Grad

Fade into You – A Series of Film Screenings

Episode LXIV-LXVII - Strangers on a Train

Guests: John Skoog and his film class at Akademie für Bildende Künste Mainz


Since 2012, the monthly series of film screenings Fade into You has been presenting and discussing single-channel video works of international artists like Francis Alӱs, Camille Henrot, Marcel Dzama, Stan Douglas, Nathalie Djurberg, Pipilotti Rist, Gilbert & George and Roman Signer.


The Image of the Train in American Folk Music
Re-creation of David Hammons installation Chasing the Blue Train (1989), reading by Sonia Knop, Emil Wudtke, Hyeongsuk Kim & Eleni Wittbrodt and original recording of William Carlos Williams reading his poem Overture to Locomotives
Wed 13/09
7 pm

Phantom Ride
Phantom Rides by Kinothek Asta Nielsen and live soundtrack by SicSic Tapes
Wed 20/09
7 pm

Routine Pleasures
Screening of Peter Kubelka's Arnulf Rainer (1960) and Billy Bitzer's Interior NYC From 14th to 42nd Street (1905) and lecture by Hagen von Ortloff My life as an Eisenbahn-Romantiker
Wed 27/09
7 pm

Strangers on a Train
Film premiere and book release
Fri 29/09
7 pm


4 euros (entrance fee included)


Previous events:

Ursula Biemann: Deep Weather, 2013 / Subatlantic, 2015
The Otolith Group: Hydra Decapita, 2010
Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige: Barmeh, 2001
Walid Raad / The Atlas Group: I only wish that I could weep, 1997/2002
Akram Zaatari: Beirut Exploded Views, 2014
Lamia Joreige: Nights and Days, 2007 / Full Moon, 2007
Roman Signer: Punkt, 2006 / Einbruch im Eis, 1985
Sebastian Gräfe: Mit dem Meer spazieren gehen, 2008
Julius von Bismarck: Punishment I, 2011
Peter Land: The Lake, 1999
Ger van Elk: The Flattening of the Brook's Surface, 1972/2002
Rosalind Nashashibi: Eyeballing, 2005
Nathalie Djurberg: The Mad Tea Party, 2004 / New Movements in Fashion, 2006
Peter Watkins: Forgotten Faces, 1961, 18 min
Deimantas Narkevičius: The Role of a Lifetime, 2003, 16 min
Camille Henrot: Coupé / Décalé, 2010 / Million Dollars Point, 2011
Stan Douglas: Suspiria, 2003
Monika Huber: Captured, 2014
Mwangi Hutter: The Cage, 2009
Marcel Dzama: Death Disco Dance, 2011
Isa Rosenberger: Vladimir’s Journey (The Captain), 2013
Liz Magic Laser: The Thought Leader, 2015
Marko Schiefelbein: FREEDOM TO MOVE, 2013
Stanya Kahn: Arms Are Overrated, 2012
Halil Altındere: Wonderland, 2013
Roz Mortimer: Wormcharmer, 1998
Peter Tscherkassky: The Exquisite Corpus, 2015
Jordan Wolfson: Infinite Melancholy, 2003
Harun Farocki, Nicht löschbares Feuer, 1969
Simon Wachsmuth: Regen/Rain, 2000
Günther + Loredana Selichar: GT Granturismo, 2001
Klaudia Stoll und Jacqueline Wachall: High Heel Obsession, 2012
Christian Jankowski: Die Jagd, 1998
Marcel Odenbach: Im Schiffbruch nicht schwimmen können, 2011
John Skoog: Federsee, 2013
Marcondes Dourado Barbosa: Ogodô Ano 2000, 1996
Peter Weibel und Hotel Morphila Orchester: Wir sind Daten, 2013
Cory Arcangel: Drei Klavierstücke, op. 11, 2009
Ulla von Brandenburg: Chorspiel, 2010
Sven Johne: Wissower Klinken, 2007
Tracey Moffatt: Nice Coloured Girls, 1987
Bertille Bak: Urban Chronicles, 2011
Fernando Sánchez Castillo: Pegasus Dance, 2007
R. M. Naeem: Mutability, 2013 / 6th May 2013 (Father‘s Day), 2013
Ulu Braun: Forst, 2013 / BIRDS, 2014
Sofia Hultén: Grey Area. 12 Attempts to hide in an office environment, 2001
Guy Maddin: Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair, 2009
Francis Alÿs: Re-Enactments, 2000
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd: The Walk to Dover, 2005-2007
Shelly Nadashi: A Place for Commas and Dots, 2013
Ori Gersht: Big Bang, 2006 / The Forest, 2005
Gerard Byrne: 'Homme à femmes (Michel Debrane)', 2004
Anna Witt: Geld zu finden, 2012
Léandre Bernard-Brunel: Colorature, 2012
Maisie Maud Broadhead & Jack Cole: An Ode to Hill and Adamson, 2012
Maria Lassnig: Baroque Statues, 1970-74 / Art Education, 1976
Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch: Räumliche Maßnahme 1, 2003
Sharon Hayes: 10 min of Collective Activity, 2003
Richard Billingham: Fishtank, 1998
Gillian Wearing: 10-16, 1997
Gillian Wearing: I Love You, 1999 / Trauma, 2000
John Smith: Flag Mountain (Southern Nicosia, looking towards the border with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), 2010
Jochen Kuhn: Exit, 2008 / Sonntag 3, 2012
Fiona Tan: Island, 2008
Camille Henrot: Grosse Fatigue, 2013
Martha Rosler: Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975
Corinna Schnitt: Schönen, guten Tag, 1995
Helen Marten: Orchids, or a hemispherical bottom, 2013
Reynold Reynolds: The Lost, 2011-2013
John Bock: Im Schatten der Made, 2010
Matthew Barney: Cremaster 2, 1999
Clemens von Wedemeyer: Found Footage, 2008-09
Bjørn Melhus: The Meadow, 2007 / Das Badezimmer, 2011
Pascal Magnin: Reines d’un Jour, 1996
Joan Jonas: Upsidedown and Backwards, 1980
Anri Sala: Intervista, 1998
Oliver Pietsch: Because, 2008
Suzie Silver: A Spy (Hester Reeve Does the Doors), 1992
Pipilotti Rist: I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much, 1986
Pauline Bastard: Hollywood Childhood, 2011
Brice Dellsperger: Body Double 22, 2010
Matthias Müller & Christoph Girardet: Phoenix Tapes #1-#6, 1999

Family Walk

The guided tour for children (in German), led by a museum educator, takes place at the same time as the adults’ guided tour.

Sun 17/09
3 pm

Sun 15/10
3 pm

Sun 19/11
3 pm

14 euros (per family)

1 hour

Registration is not required.

Luftige Skulpturen

Tue 04/10 
11 am - 2 pm


10 euros

Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst!

Thu 05/10
11 am - 2 pm


10 euros

Große Sonnenblumen

Tue 10/10
11 am - 2 pm


10 euros

Ein Kunstwerk, das verschwindet... weil ein neues darüber entsteht

Tue 10/10
3-5 pm


8 euros

Die Waldgeister sind los

Wed 11/10
11 am - 2 pm

6-8 Jahre 

10 euros

Geheimnisvolle Bücher

Thu 12/10
11 am - 2 pm


10 euros

Kleine Kunst hinter kleinen Türen

Sat 14/10
11 am - 2 pm


10 euros

Can You See What I Am Saying

An evening of performance with Tim Etchells and Vincent Gambini

Tue 07/11
7 pm

8 euros

Reif für Kultur

Guided tour (in German) through the exhibition To See or Not to Be, afterwards coffee and cake at 7Grad Café

Fri 10/11
2.30 pm

7 euros

Registration is required.

Exhibition tour with Jun.-Prof. Annika Schlitte and Dr. Christian Berger

Exhibition tour with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annika Schlitte, Dr. Christian Berger and Stefanie Böttcher (in German)

Wed 15/11
6 pm

4 euros

Registration is not required.

Meine Sicht? - Deine Sicht? - Hier bin ich!

Performative reading by pupils of Otto-Schott-Gymnasium

Fri 17/11
6 pm

Free admission



Sublimation – Mind, Matter, Concept in Art after Modernism

International conference

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz/Kunsthalle Mainz

Speakers (inter alia): Sabeth Buchmann (Wien), Günter Figal (Freiburg), Antje Krause-Wahl (Frankfurt), James Nisbet (Irvine)

Programme and more information: http://sublimation.uni-mainz.de


Duration: Thu 14/12 - Sat 16/12


Sat 16/12
9.30 am - 3 pm at Kunsthalle Mainz